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Your reliable partner in transport and cold storage

With the help of a large and versatile fleet of vehicles, Transport Herve carries out the daily distribution for clients based in the Benelux and France.

Transport Herve and Herve Coldstore distinguishes themselves by offering flexible, customised solutions whilst guaranteeing an excellent daily standard of service. Our expertise in these areas has ensured that we have built a strong and steadfast customer base over the past years.

Who's it for?

  • Producers or merchants of mass distribution or commercial companies
  • Producers or traders involved in production
  • Food sector, Agricultural business & Pharmaceutical industry

For what?

Cool - Frozen - Ambient

  • Fruit, vegetables, meat, bread, dairy products & seeds
  • Frozen foods
  • Dry goods & beverages
  • Prepared meals & culinary preparations
  • Semi-finished products for the food industry
  • Packaging material
  • Flowers and plants
  • Products for the medical sector

Where to?

  • Benelux
  • Northern France regions to the Paris region

What makes us unique

Flexibility in custom solutions and excellent service.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable development of people, planet and profit in a harmonious way.

Our mission

To be specialists in temperature-controlled transport and storage solutions.

Looking for a reliable partner in transport and cold storage?