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Founding of Van Colenberghe. In the early years, the work was done in a warehouse without cold stores. All products were moved by hand.


Van Colenberghe NV moved to the industrial zone to a 1500m² warehouse with 2 cold stores. At that time, the first forklift was also purchased. In 1977, the company also bought its first truck with a refrigeration system. In addition, investments were also made in packaging machines for lettuce and Brussels sprouts. The winter period was filled with flowers and plants and Christmas trees from a plantation.


Transport HERVE was founded in 1982 by the managers of Vanco Belgium. The main reason for this establishment was to look for return loads for the trucks that carried out orders for Vanco Belgium, the sister company specialised in the wholesale trade of fruit and vegetables.

1989 - 1993

The existing warehouse was expanded. The company thus had a modern warehouse of 4800 m². The warehouse was equipped with stacking racks to make maximum use of the space. At the same time, a maintenance workshop was also built for the fleet.


In 1998, 3 KF-certified cold stores were built. This enabled Transport HERVE to store meat products.


In 2003 Roger Van Colenberghe handed over the company to his 2 sons and their wives: Frank & Mireille and Bernard & Inge.


In this year, Transport HERVE took over the transport company Verdeco. This company was specialised in the storage and distribution of chilled and frozen products.


In 2008, the company purchased a warehouse in Sint-Katelijne-Waver.


In 2013 we carried out a study to reduce the fleet's CO² emissions. Transport HERVE achieved a 30% reduction in CO² by switching from diesel engines to electric. The car park was also rebuilt in 2013.


In 2015, the company purchased Jackytrans Logistics in the industrial park in Eke. This company was specialised in refrigerated and frozen storage. Jackytrans was transformed into sister company HERVE Coldstore.


In 2020, a new branch was built next to the existing building. The storage capacity of Herve Coldstore has now increased by 5500 pallets.

Our mission

To be specialists in temperature-controlled transport and storage solutions.

What makes us unique

Flexibility in custom solutions and excellent service.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable development of people, planet and profit in a harmonious way.

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